About Us Company Profile History Company Philosophy Events within the brand concept Certificate scissors Yangjiang history dating back to 1400 years ago. 557 AD, stationed themselves on both a national hero Xian Yang, the production of weapons in Yangjiang, the Qing, "Feng Genealogy" contains: "... ... the tomb of General Feng Tai Eighty-two angles used in the life of Mei Kam goose is satisfied in the mass graves in the sword." Xian Feng is great grandson of General von Ang, a former Song Kang Order AD 646 died and was buried in Yangjiang Kitayama. This "sword Jin Xuan Mei goose" that Yangjiang called "big knife to kill." Subsequently, the knife technique spread to the public, the production of civilian knife, lay the knife industry in Yangjiang, a long base.

Qing, Yangjiang Knife has been a small workshop (play Tiepu) form of production, the county formed a large knife-making workshop, and its production base which is now the blacksmith Lane. Strike Lane in the vicinity of several such focus on a dozen Tiepu hit, hit products always in short supply, playing a kitchen knife outside Tiepu addition to production, but also the production Wo sickle, sickles, fabric scissors, household knives, scissors and other products are mostly wooden handle low-end products. Since then, Yangjiang respected knife gradually being recognized, increasing visibility.

Twenties of the twentieth century, Yangjiang Old Cutler He Chuanli its ancestors learned the legend made along the world "He Chuanli" chopper renowned. "He Chuanli" kitchen knife because of its clear water of steel, blade benefits, both cutting and can cut bone (small bone), so called "civil and military knives," when used without ATC, beloved by chefs, Yangjiang City, businesses, Tiepu restaurants have to build a chopper hit Ho, the field has come here especially for business passengers.

The late thirties the twentieth century, Yangjiang Hiraoka quarter Fu Liang Liang toward Cutler developed a hardness of suitable, attractive appearance, you can shave his beard, cut iron not roll edge, durable easy to use horn handle knife, called "quarter Fu Knife" . This knife by the customer favorite, winning competitions in the national knife, and sent to the World Exposition, is recognized as first-class products. Since then, famous at home and abroad knife Yangjiang, Yangjiang promote the rapid development of the knife industry. In 1949, more than 300 individuals around the county knife manufacturers, knife annual output of more than 60 million pieces.

After liberation, the party and government attach great importance to Yangjiang knife industry. In 1955, producers of scattered individual knives organized, set up four production cooperatives. In 1956, Fu-quarter of the beam from the rural areas to tap into the county, adding a third knife production cooperatives. In 1958, production cooperatives merged to form the four local state-owned knife factory in Yangjiang County, the introduction of advanced equipment and technology, the gradual transition from manual to mechanized and automated, so that continuously improve product quality, is the industry output, production, varieties, one of the largest foreign exchange tool, is listed as the national export base of electromechanical products. The main plant to produce a knife, and production of stainless steel utensils, more than 280 varieties of products superior provincial, ministerial and title to the United States, West Germany, Japan, Hong Kong more than 40 countries and regions. In addition to state-owned knife plant in Yangjiang, there are two light metal knife factory, two light metal knife Plant, the river towns Hardware Products Factory, River City and other metal cutlery knife factory production enterprises.

The late eighties early nineties, the collective scissors state-owned enterprises gradually declined, but the state-owned collective enterprises has long cultivated a large number of knives, scissors and technical personnel. These technicians have reinvent the wheel, set up private enterprises, especially the municipal government in 1997 to speed up the development of private economy, major decisions, knives, scissors private enterprises have sprung up, as knives, scissors Yangjiang industry laid the foundation for further development.