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Wang Yang to make high-end scissors Yangjiang become synonymous with Scissors

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Wang Yang in western Guangdong (Yangjiang City) at the strong message to the scene - want to run further faster Yangjiang

On development: positive results should be noted that the gap

Yangjiang development environment to optimize and accelerate the momentum of development is taking shape, but the leading cadres of Yangjiang, a small advance, you can not have a full frame of mind.

From now on, economic growth indicators than yesterday, not to their own, and do not, and today more than the Pearl River Delta, Pearl River Delta region to the rapid development and more than yesterday. Thus, in order to further enhance the momentum of Yangjiang, in order to narrow the gap with other regions to achieve corners to overtake.

Now, facing a grim situation Yangjiang: Economic development is not sufficient; industrialization lag; money is very weak. To do this all leading cadres should maintain a clear understanding, and enhance the sense of crisis and urgency. We want to hammer the drum sound, full speed! Yangjiang want to run faster!

On the dock: the Pearl River Delta into you in the "active"

At present, the Pearl River Delta is in a critical stage of industrial transformation and upgrading, industry, and factors of production inevitably shift to the periphery. Yangjiang to achieve the goal of accelerating development, the most practical and effective way is to accept the PRD radiation driven. This requires the integration of the Pearl River Delta Yangjiang to take the initiative to actively create conditions, following the Pearl River Delta industries, capital, technology transfer and diffusion factors of production.

In active integration into the Pearl River Delta to speed up economic development characteristics, Yangjiang with location, resources and other advantages, is also facing a rare opportunity. The current state developed a "Program for Reform and Development of the Pearl River Delta", the province is stepping up implementation of "raising the PRD led North East and West" strategy to speed up the "double shift." Yangjiang was given a transfer of provincial-level industrial park funding support, is entirely possible because of its proximity and direct benefit. To promote the forthcoming revitalization and development in western Guangdong guidance, but also speed up the integration of the Pearl River Delta Yangjiang, to achieve accelerated economic development characteristics provides a new opportunity.

To take the initiative in terms of integration into the Pearl River Delta, with particular emphasis on the "active" word. Initiative is not a qualifier, is the need to turn it into real action. In strengthening cooperation with the PRD, Yangjiang to take the initiative, good planning, so as to more effectively promote the "double shift" to get more development opportunities, avoid being marginalized; to exceed and to maximize the positive factors minimize the negative factors, to avoid further widening the gap with other regions.

On the characteristics: the development of four major characteristics of the economy the focus

Development of special economic, both in the active process of integration into the Pearl River Delta to achieve dislocation development, complement each other's needs, but also to promote the coordinated development of three industries, and avoid weaknesses and advantages of the needs. Yangjiang has formed a certain economic characteristics, such as the eighth child, represented by metal cutlery industry to Lang as the representative of the food processing industry, tourism representatives to Hailing Island tourism industry, the production of these industries are competitive results. But these industries are facing a new situation, how development issues, Yangjiang development of special economic importance to improve the understanding, clear development orientation, clear development of ideas, and vigorously promote the development of dislocation.

Currently, there are four Yangjiang development of special economic focus.

The first is to optimize the upgrading of traditional industries such as metal knives and scissors. Knives, scissors Yangjiang, although the big companies, but added value. Same knives, swords, Switzerland, Germany Zwilling knives known around the world. Cause? There are technical, material factors, the most important factor is the brand. Yangjiang, China to further polish the brand scissors capital to make high-end scissors Yangjiang become synonymous with knives, scissors, worth studying.

The second is to accelerate the development of tourism. Yangjiang near the Pearl River Delta, the Pearl River Delta has entered into two hours of living area, is perfectly placed to fight the Pearl River Delta Yangjiang beautiful back garden, to the Pearl River Delta as the target market and expand tourism development. Hailing Island of Yangjiang a 4A grade tourism resources and unique Maritime Silk Road Museum, but the city and advanced compared to the scale of development and utilization of tourism resources, benefits are not a small gap exists, referral to further strengthen the planning, the real will of its construction become a world-famous holiday resort, play a greater benefit.

Third, the bigger and stronger characteristics of agriculture and marine economies. First Industrial Development of Yangjiang plenty of room to take full advantage of the superior geographical advantage, relying on the leading industry, citing the modern technology and promote the industrial management of the Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong and Macao as the basket base and forestry eco-leisure and tourism base. Use of marine resources to the advantage of Yangjiang, to develop offshore fishing, offshore aquaculture and aquatic product processing business, bigger and stronger marine economy.

Fourth, accelerate the development of energy industries, to create electrical energy base in Guangdong Province.

On the investment: investment can not sit back and wait

Investment can not sit back and wait, the opportunity is not a knock on the door himself, very often we lack is not opportunity, but the lack of vision to seize the opportunity, drive. Spotted a lump sum project will lead efforts to implement the responsibility to the people implement, to ensure that catch the results. Some cities in central and western regions to engage national trade promotion activities, I do not like dry, but the momentum to attract foreign investment worth learning. (Source: September 27, 2009 "Yangjiang Daily")