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EU officials visit Yangjiang Enterpriseu

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Joint EU warning Inspection Administration

Since 2005, the European Union on China's exports and food contact materials and communications products, warning issued, Yangjiang hit hard. European Commission Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General for China's exports to the EU specifically in contact with food products were frequently detected in health and safety issues call our ambassador to the EU, claiming that if the Chinese do not take effective measures to ensure that exports to the EU and its products and food contact materials safety and health, such products in China will take further measures, proposed to China to examine the hardware plastic products manufacturing enterprises. Once the EU "to take further measures", it means that more than 1,400 hardware Yangjiang production of plastic products will be excluded from the EU's door, the pillar industry of Yangjiang, will no doubt suffer a heavy blow, each year the total exports of $ 600,000,000 will be substantially diminished, but also a great loss not only of Yangjiang, China will also be the hardware plastic products industry, a disaster.

Difficulties must be tackled. GDCIQ strategist, rapid deployment, started the defense of Yangjiang metal scissors exports. October 2006, Yangjiang City, Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and signed the "exports to the EU on the establishment and strengthening of food contact materials and products to expand export inspection and checking mechanisms for cooperation Memorandum" (hereinafter referred to as MOU), which is the Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and Local government signed the first memorandum of cooperation with the local inspection and quarantine departments are also the product quality and make concerted efforts to establish platform of active exploration.

Promote awareness of Action for Wake

April 2007, the EU went to inspect Yangjiang assessment. Face contact with food products companies need to raise awareness of safety and health situation, Yangjiang, Inspection and Quarantine full use of newspapers, television and other media to carry out extensive publicity, and through government organizations, enterprises to participate in inspection and quarantine departments to arrange expert instruction in the form of Yangjiang City, respectively, Yangdong government, jointly organized JiangCheng a number of government and other training courses, foreign laws and regulations were explained in detail instructions on how to improve product quality to provide a safety and health guidance. April 2008, Yangjiang successfully assisted the State Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and the European Commission Directorate General for Health and Consumer Protection organized jointly in Yangjiang, "EU food contact materials and training," a comprehensive understanding of the EU producers in contact with food product standards and regulations, safety and health program requirements, market access conditions played a very good results. Through multi-level forms of propaganda and training, Yangjiang City in contact with food products safety and health awareness of the enterprise has been significantly improved.

Improve the management and effective monitoring

To enhance the table with food contact sheet product quality, Yangjiang, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to take a different regulatory approach. Within the council on the table in contact with food products and a "special inspection lot testing" test-regulatory approach, strict implementation of the first batch of products, special testing, to effectively control the quality of health and safety of export products; steady progress in enterprise management work, in the comprehensive assessment of classification of enterprises, products based on risk classification, and gradually establish and improve the scientific, standardized and efficient regulatory system of export commodities, the inspection of the production process before the move to strengthen the raw materials, quality control system and quality of key control point management. Outside the table in contact with food products, the council management and the industry through industry associations to assist, to take the form of supervision and spot checks from time to time, the test results and timely feedback to the companies, products allow enterprises to grasp the quality of health and safety information. Especially the area off-balance sheet products, 50 companies, each of establishment of enterprise quality files, the implementation of effective quality control.

In order to implement contact with food product safety and health program testing work, Yangjiang, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to raise funds through various channels, the acquisition of atomic absorption spectrophotometer, atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer, gas chromatography and other sophisticated detection equipment and collection of domestic Foreign and food contact materials regulations and standards in more than 50, while according to China, the European Union, the United States and other standard products carried on the metal cutlery, bamboo cutlery, plastic tableware detection and effective to ensure contact with food products of export quality and safety.

Point to improve the quality of surface

Contact with food products, health and safety focus on quality control quality, improve safety and health standards to ensure quality control of export products meet the requirements of effective safety and health guarantee, the face of the city's more than 1,400 companies in contact with food products, Yangjiang, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to take in order to point breakthroughs in key areas, a comprehensive approach to promote, guide enterprises to establish health and safety of export products and improve project control system.