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Yangjiang create "Cutlery Capital of China

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Value of billions of cutlery industry will become a breakthrough business strategy of Vaughan
Speaking of Yangjiang, Yangjiang, it is natural to think of scissors. Scissors Yangjiang industry dating back more than 1,400 years of history, is Yangjiang "Sambo" one. Yangjiang City currently has more than 1,400 knives and scissors hardware companies, accounted for 64% of the country, exports accounted for 83% of the country

Concomitant with this is that hundreds of billions of Yangjiang Scissors annual output value of industry, accounting for more than half of the country, knives, scissors Yangjiang culture has become a wonderful work culture and regional characteristics.

However, knives, scissors Yangjiang's heart is the pain - though there are many manufacturers, but all of them value and small size; production are numerous, but failed to become the industry trade and business center of scissors.
Yangjiang City in the just-concluded fifth Party Congress, Party Secretary Chen Xiaochuan made Yangjiang, Yangjiang in the industry to build a strong pillar of the industry, the preferred Scissors industry. The implementation of business strategy Yangjiang Vaughan, knives, scissors industry is also a breakthrough.

Chen Xiaochuan pointed out that the enterprise value of Yangjiang, knives, scissors and small, have to face excessive competition within the industry, but also deal with export trade barriers, like a boat out to sea, there are risks, must take the big boat. Scissors Yangjiang out so many years, only to become a production center, not a scissors industry business center, logistics center, Yangjiang Vaughan should vigorously implement the business strategy, the use of Yangjiang in western Guangdong Pearl River Delta and the geographic advantage of connecting hub, build a regional logistics center.

Scissors Yangjiang embodies the spirit of pragmatic and innovative

Yangjiang Knife can be traced back to 1,400 years ago. AD 557, the hero of two Yang Xian stationed themselves in the production of weapons in Yangjiang. Qing, Yangjiang county formed a large knife-making workshop, the production site that is now Jiangcheng blacksmith Lane. Republic of China three years, the suburban village that started making knives Luo. 30 years of the 20th century, Leung Fu-quarter created a unique style of the "season Fu knife" sharp, durable, beautiful, can shave his beard, a knife in the national competitions and awards, and sent to the World Exposition. Since then, Yangjiang knife famous home and abroad.

Before the founding, Yangjiang in knife production of more than 300 people. After the reforms, knives, scissors Yangjiang industry to flourish, expanding use of modern technology and traditional techniques combine to make cutlery products always maintain excellent quality, many have won national awards, Art Institute of Chicago, the products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions.

Development prospects scissors Yangjiang

Yangjiang City, the official said, knives, scissors Yangjiang development of the industry there are still many deficiencies. First, small scale, mostly handicrafts operation; second, knives, scissors brand awareness is weak, should be improved through the brand value of the products; Third, the "going out" is not enough, in the province, domestic and foreign inadequate market development; fourth, backward technology, to improve the technical content of the pipeline. For these deficiencies, Yangjiang City will take the following measures: First, increase support Cutlery industry bigger and stronger, for the development of cultural scissors Yangjiang lay a solid foundation. Second, promote the implementation of brand strategy, brand scissors Yangjiang nurture, create and disseminate them as an important carrier of culture, scissors Yangjiang. Third, international organized Cutlery Fair, both for the metal cutlery industry with a global platform, but also as a new carrier for the culture of knives, scissors Yangjiang inject new vitality. It is reported that since 2002, Yangjiang municipal government will, together with China Association of Productivity Promotion Center, China Daily Hardware Technology Development Center, Guangdong Provincial Economic and Trade Committee held in China (Yangjiang) International Cutlery Fair, so far have been held for 5 sessions, Yangjiang scissors to promote the overall level and visibility of the industry to improve and expand the sales network of scissors Yangjiang, Yangjiang to metal scissors truly become an important distribution center for daily play an important role.

It is reported that knives, scissors Yangjiang Yangjiang prospects for the development of culture in general terms, is optimistic about, the tool reflects the culture of Yangjiang, economic and local characteristics, unique in the province, formed a certain scale, a large market share , have a certain influence, and broad development prospects. Yangjiang municipal government will continue to support cultural development tool to optimize the work environment, and vigorously to create a platform for the introduction of talent, improve the employment system, the use of market regulation methods to improve wages, attract talent, retain talent. At the same time, further strengthen the outreach, the full use of the Internet, talent exchange, and international media and other publicity to improve the tools and cultural influence.

In addition, Yangjiang developed transport and a convenient national highway, the coastal high-speed, etc. will be included in the Pearl River Delta Yangjiang economic circle, is conducive to cultural development tool Yangjiang. It is worth mentioning that, Yangjiang City, recently proposed "five strategies": Gongyelishi, stabilizing the city of agriculture, commerce Vaughan, science and education city, tourism and strong city, Yangjiang, the investment will increase efforts to speed up play on the Yangjiang development, coordinated development, the significant role across the development and vigorously promoted the development of the industry scissors Yangjiang.